13 Easy Online Business Ideas With Minimal Or No Investment Needed

Maybe you’re a young boy/girl who wants to start getting dirty in the entrepreneurial side of the business world. Maybe you’re a college graduate who intends to launch a business instead of looking for a job. Maybe you’re a cooperate mouse who’s tired of the 9-5 life and is eager to escape the Rat Race. Or maybe you just want to start a side business to be able to afford some more weekend beers.

1. Blogging (Minimal investment)

For more than two decades now, people have been making a living from blogs, primarily by delivering free, actionable, entertaining, informative, and educational content on a variety of topics to their audience.

2. Podcasting (Minimal investment)

Podcasting has become popular in recent times with a lot of people starting up new shows on a daily basis. Luckily, as the business continues to grow in popularity, a lot of podcast hosts are discovering many wonderful ways of monetizing their shows, including landing great deals with advertisers and selling goods and services to their audience. In the internet marketing space, the moment you mention podcasting, one name that will always come to mind is John Lee Dumas who has built an incredibly successful business around his podcast.

3. Dropshipping (Minimal investment)

You don’t need a warehouse filled with inventory to run your own business. Dropshipping is a good way to start your own business on a budget without owning a single product. You just need to get pre-existing products from a supplier and let them take care of everything else, including fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. With dropshipping, you can run your business from anywhere because you don’t need a warehouse. Your store doesn’t have to stock products in any physical location. Once someone buys an item from you, you make an order with a third-party on behalf of your customer, and the third-party handles everything else.

4. Freelance Writing (No investment)

Let me tell you, writing is one of the most important skills you can have as an online entrepreneur. This is because the majority of the things we do involves writing in one way or another. I understand that everybody is not a writer, but if writing is your thing, then I have good news for you – you can make a lot of money on the internet.

5. Launch An Online Course Or Membership Site (No investment)

Although it’s one of the most challenging ways to make money online, if you’re able to create a popular, value-filled, and informative video tutorial, you will be making money from it for a long time. To launch your own online course, you first need to think of a good topic you understand very well and can easily teach someone from scratch. It could be anything – list building, bead making, mobile app development, web development, dog training, etc.

6. Ghost Writing (No investment)

lot of bloggers and internet marketers are super busy with other areas of their business and do not have the time to write blog posts for their blogs. As you may know, writing is only one side of building a successful online business; there are so many other tasks that need maximum attention. However, experienced webmasters understand the benefits of content marketing, and they know that they cannot wholly abandon it. The busiest marketers are always on the lookout for good writers who can be ghost writing for them. As a ghostwriter, your job is to always supply the marketer with quality content which he/she will eventually publish on his/her blog under his/her own name.

7. Virtual Assistant (No investment)

here are so many important yet time-consuming tasks that marketers often want to delegate to capable hands. This is where a virtual assistant comes in.

Some of the tasks a virtual assistant can handle include:



Social media











8. Website Flipping (Time-consuming, minimal investment)

This is the process of buying an existing website, redesigning/rebranding/remarketing it, and then flipping (selling) it for more profit. A lot of people have been making some big bucks doing this. However, this one is not one of the easiest online business ideas, though it has great potential to make huge amounts of online money. You can also try to build a website yourself and then sell it… if you know how to do that sort of thing

9. Online Book Publishing (No investment)

You may have thought of publishing a book someday. While seeing your name listed on the best sellers list might seem like a daydream, it’s actually easier than you think. Whether it’s a fiction novel, a romance novel, a child’s picture story, or a marketing guide, you now have many different options for self-publishing your book. You can release your writing as an eBook and sell it on your site, or you could publish it on the Kindle store. Or you could use an in-demand printing service such as CreateSpace. The good thing about self-publishing your work is that everything is taken care of automatically, from printing to storage to delivery. You just carry out the initial work of uploading it to your chosen platform, and the rest is on auto-pilot. In the past 2 years, I have made more than $25K by selling my books on both the ShoutMeLoud store and Amazon.

10. SEO Consulting (No investment)

The majority of website traffic today still comes from Google. People cannot possibly ignore the importance of search engines. Hence, search engine optimization (SEO) is still a valuable and in-demand skill set that anyone can have. This usually takes about 4-6 months to learn enough SEO to start offering it as a service to others. Over time, you can open your own SEO agency. It may sound like a far-fetched idea, but all you need is the internet and some zeal to learn to become an SEO expert. You can take online courses on CreativeLive, or find a digital marketing course which also includes SEO. If you wish to start learning for free, you can browse our SEO section. It’s unstructured, but you will find enough free information to learn the basics.

11. Affiliate Marketing (No investment)

one of the best methods of earning online, and even if every other business idea mentioned here should fail (which is not possible), affiliate marketing will still be here for years to come. Affiliate marketing is considered one of the easiest online business models today. You just have to recommend someone’s product/services to your audience, and once a purchase is made, you earn a commission from your referral.

12. Facebook Ads Consulting (No investment)

You just have to set up a website where you’ll be reviewing individual products based on your chosen category, and join the Amazon Associates program. If a user clicks on one of your affiliate links, you’ll be getting a cool little cut if a user completes the purchase on Amazon. The reason most marketers don’t like the Amazon Associates program is that the commission is relatively small, however, considering the fact that their conversion rates are always high, people are still making a mouth-watering sum from the program. This is how sites like Thank Your Skin, Home Products HQ, Here Pup have been making money.

13 Easy Kinds Of Online Businesses

If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own home-based business, now is the right time. Stop procrastinating and get to work. All you need to do is take the first step, and you will be amazed at how easy every other thing will be. Just pick one of the ideas here and get started now on your journey to financial freedom.