aatmnirbhar Gujarat Sahay package Decalred by Cm Vijaybhai rupani 14000 crore

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced a Rs 14,000 crore “Self-Reliant Gujarat” relief package. In which electricity bill up to 100 units is waived. 20% rebate on annual property tax. He will pay 10% rebate to the corporation till July 31. While 6 months road tax has been waived.

Main Poitns For 14000 crore Sahay package Gujarat

The government will help the workers to build houses Electricity bills up to 100 units will be waived 92 lakh electricity consumers will get the benefit of electricity bill waiver 6 months road tax waived from 1st April GST can be refunded till July Loans up to one lakh will be available under the self-reliant Gujarat relief package District Nodal Officers appointed for MSMEs Pastoralists will be paid Rs 900 per cow Dhanwantari chariots will be raised at a cost of Rs 20 crore 120 crore allotted to ST Corporation 5 taka electricity bill waived for small traders Allocation of Rs. 350 crore for construction of godowns in farms 20% waiver in annual property tax Government’s attempt to thwart GIDC From the CM Relief Fund, Rs. 100 crore allocated

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The state government has been active in reviving the crumbling economy amid the Koro crisis. Now Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced a self-reliant Gujarat package. The Chief Minister has announced a package of Rs 14,000 crore. It has also decided to waive the electricity bill. It has been decided to waive 100 units of electricity bill.