Ban on offerings in Navratri-Diwali fears loss of Rs 700 crore to confectionery industry in Gujarat

Offerings !:Bhaskar Question: There is no case of Corona from Prasad … So why the ban? Ban on offerings in Navratri-Diwali fears loss of Rs 700 crore to confectionery industry in Gujarat

File photo: If the prasad is to be distributed, it can be done by wearing gloves or the person who is distributing can do so by hand sanitizing and wearing a mask.

The confectionery and farsan industry in Gujarat has been hit hard by the corona. Confectionery traders estimate that the business has lost about Rs 700 crore in the last six months, with only 20 per cent. Traders believe that if the government bans offerings on Navratri, it will have to bear a further loss of Rs 700 crore if corporate gift orders are not received on Diwali. Thus, Gujarat’s confectionery industry could lose up to Rs 1,400 crore.

CM will be introduced at the level of
these circumstances, the government has no way to cut between traders demand offerings. Not only that, in the near future, representations will also be made on this issue at the Chief Minister level. Along with this, the issue of expiry date in loose sweets will also be fought in the near future. A meeting of sweet traders from across the state was held in Ahmedabad two days ago to discuss the issue.

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“We condemn the decision to ban prasad on Navratri,” Kishore Sheth, president of the Gujarat State Sweets-Farsan Chamber of Commerce, told Divya Bhaskar. If the tradition of Mataji’s offerings and offerings is broken, then Navratri has no meaning. In such a difficult time, if the government finds a way for this, the traders will get relief. Gujarat’s confectionery industry has suffered a loss of about Rs 700 crore with only 20 per cent. Not only that, corporate orders for Diwali have also been hit hard. If the prasad is packed in a packet per person and placed on a table, there is no risk of corona spreading. Why can’t prasad be distributed like all other food or business wearing gloves. Apart from this, we will also oppose the expiry date on loose sweets on a large scale in the near future. A representation will also be made to the Chief Minister so that he is not harassed by the officials and a proper decision is taken on the issue of Prasad.

Food can be personalized packet of
said confectionery Bhupinder halavavalae Surat Those are going to be a very big loss to us on the Navratri and Diwali. If the government allows the sale of offerings in individual packets, it will not be wasted and Corona’s guidelines may be enforced. I also have a pack to pack.

There seem to be long lines at fast food outlets
, said Radheshyam Shah of Gokaldas Mithaiwala in Vadodara. There are long lines at fast food outlets where the government does not see corona, but eating mataji prasad will cost corona. We are worried that the prasad tradition will not be broken more than business. We feel that the government will allow the offerings.

There is no reason to believe that Korona spreads from Prasad.
Rajkot Dairy Merchant Association President V.P. Vaishnavism said, there is no reason to believe that Korona is spread through Prasad. Millions of people feed on the confectionery industry. Currently, the business is barely 15 to 20 percent. The government should think of them. Navratri and Dussehra are important for business. The confectionery industry has suffered the most in seven months.

The packet can be prepared and placed on the table

  • One person’s prasad should be packed in different packets and placed on a table so that there is no need to distribute it. Everyone follows their own social distance.
  • Sanitize the hand before packing the prasad so that it is safe.
  • If the prasad is to be distributed, it can be done by wearing gloves or the person who distributes it can do so by sanitizing the hands and wearing a mask.
  • Sing-sakaria, revadi, crushed topra, peppermint or such loose prasad can be packed in small bags or paper so that people can take it themselves.
  • Even confectioners can pack sweets in one packet.

Prasad can be taken by all themselves,
said Kamlesh Kandoi from Ahmedabad. The big traders will be a big loss to the traders of the villages and small towns. If the prasad is placed on the table after taking proper care, people can take it by sanitizing their hands

Doesn’t sharing food cause corona?
Baiju Mehta of Bhavnagar said that if covid is spread from food, food is also given in hotels and restaurants. The government should pave the way for prasad. Traders will suffer huge losses. Why exclude offerings when food items are being sold?

The federation will go to court on the issue of expiry date of
loose sweets. Gujarat Sweets Traders Federation will go to court about the impractical law of writing expiry date on the plate of loose sweets, said Chairman Kishore Sethe. According to him, this law is impractical. This will increase the annoyance of the officials. Just as this black law has been opposed all over the country, it will also be strongly opposed in Gujarat.