DOMO nHance VR11 (Smart Glasses)

DOMO nHance VR11 (Smart Glasses) is a premium VR headset with 120 degrees large field of view lenses which are made of Japanese PMMA and provide total immersion.

The lenses are 42.5mm in size and have adjustments for focal distance which is suitable

for people within 0 – 800 degrees myopia, and 0 – 400 degree hyperopia; in

Other words it means there is no need for wearing prescription glasses if you have any and if you don’t, you don’t need to adjust the focal distance.

The VR11 comes equipped with an internal touch button which is built for capacitive touch screens

And it successfully replaces the popular magnetic clipper for Google Cardboard.

There are stretchable 3.5mm jack wire which plugs into your phones 3.5mm jack and interacts with the phone for audio. 

VR11 is built with Multi-layer thermolysis design which make the VR11 capable of taking long hours of usage without heating up the phone.

The front flap is designed such that it has amazing heat dissipation and has ample space to connect your charger.

It’s a good product but you won’t use it much and after sometimes you will fell like selling it so please do not

Buy this and you can’t use it for long period of time but the product is good quality is superb

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DOMO nHance VR11  (Smart Glasses)
DOMO nHance VR11 (Smart Glasses)

Key Features:

1. Adjustable IPD (Interpupillary Distance)

2. Adjustable Focal length (Distance between phones LCD and lens)

3. Inbuilt Earphones

4. Single key to answer calls and adjust volume

5. 3.5mm jack for connection to mobile phone

6. Adjustable headphones with good sound quality

7. Soft foam cushioning for the face

8. Head support cushion

9. Large 42.5mm lenses made of Japanese PMMA materials

10. Phone aligner clamp

11. Touch button for capacitive screens

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DOMO nHance VR11  (Smart Glasses)
DOMO nHance VR11 (Smart Glasses)

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