Hello, guys, we’re here with yet another article. Today’s article describes the process to apply for a new passport online

People generally have the misconceptions that you cannot get your passport unless it is for an agent. After reading this article you will be able to apply for your passport yourself without consulting to an agent.

Following are the steps you need to follow in order to get your passport

  1. Go to the official website for passports which is

Click on new user registration. You will be directed to a page asking for your personal information and credentials. The page will look like this,

After registering here you will get your registration id and password. Now you will have to insert this login information in the existing user login(refer 1rst photo)

Now after feeding the login info. in the page, you will be directed to a page looking like this

Filling Applicant details

  • You need to be careful while filling the details. Never give any wrong information to the website. It is considered a crime and you could be charged. Passport is considered the most concrete evidence of a person’s nationality and his background so all the details must be true to your best possible knowledge. Fill all the details from applicant data to self-declaration


One more thing you need to be careful about is to submit the documents of which you have the original hardcopy of, The PSK’s won’t allow any soft copies at the time of verification.

Now the next before document verification) is to

Pay and schedule Appointment

Schedule your appointment as per your convenience from the provided dates and places and always be punctual to the time provided and for the payments, You can pay online by net banking or debit cards. If you don’t want to pay online.You can pay the amount at an SBI Bank outlet via a challan

The last step is to verify your documents at a PSK aka A Passport Seva Kendra. There is 424 PoPSK’s set in India by the government. After the successful verification. You will have to undergo police records verification and thus your passport application is concluded there.

You will get your passport via post within 15-30 working days

therefore, you will be able to apply for your passport online without any agent. just be careful of any frauds

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The photos have been taken from slideshare and some are the screenshots of the official website. No copyrights intended

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