How to Apply for a Voter ID Card, update details in voters’ list online, register and confirm voter registration in India?

General elections 2019 are approaching in the month of April-May Election Commission of India offers online voter registration for Indian citizens above 18 years of age.

An Indian citizen can enroll himself/herself as general voter and fill Form 6 online at National Voters’ Service Portal. This card is issued to all eligible voters who apply for it.

A Voter ID card is necessary to cast your vote in the elections of your constituency, state and country. When you successfully apply for a Voter ID card , you will be listed in the electoral rolls.

What is Form 6?

Form 6 is required to enroll a new voter and get a voter ID. Any person who has attained the age 18 on the first day of January of the year with reference to which the Electoral Roll is being revised can fill the form.

a Form 6 can be submitted to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of the Assembly Constituency, after which the person will be included in the electoral roll as a voter.

Along with Form 6, one has to submit a passport size photograph and copies of proof of age and residence.

You can also apply for a voters’ ID on the Election Commission’s website ( You will have to upload Form 6 while applying for a voters’ ID. This page is available in Hindi, English and Malayalam.

Step by step procedure of how to apply for a voter ID card:

1.General voters need to fill Form 6(Link to online form) . This form is also for ‘First-time voters’ and ‘voters who have shifted to another constituency’

2.NRI Voter need to fill form 6A(Link to online form)

3. Please fill Form 8 (Link to online form) for any change in (Name, Photo, Age, EPIC Number, Address, Date of birth, Age, Name of relative, Type of relation, Gender).

4. In case of shifting from one place of residence to another place of residence within the same constituency please fill Form 8A (Link to online form).

Here is the complete online process to update you name in voter list:

*Visit website and upload you documents. 

* Documents needed for updation :

* One passport sized photograph

* Identity proof- this could be a birth certificate, passport, driving licence, PAN Card or high school mark sheet.

* Address proof- this could be either ration card, your passport, driving license or a utility bill (phone or electricity).

* Once you submit your application, you will receive an email containing details of updation and application id 

* You can track your request through application ID application

* Your Voter ID card will released in a month

Voter ID Card Eligibility:

In order to be eligible for a Voter ID card, individuals must meet the following criteria:

Voter ID Eligibility

How to Verify Voter ID?

Applicants can verify their Voter ID if they suspect their ID to be a counterfeit by using their Voter ID number. The applicant will have to visit the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer of their state or the nearest state election office. 

In doing so they must search and check if their name is present in the electoral roll, following which they can cross verify the details. If there are any discrepancies the applicant must bring it to the notice of the Chief Electoral Officer.

Steps to verify Voter ID:

  1. Visit National Voters Services Portal (NVSP)
  2. Select “Search name in the electoral roll”
  3. Enter your details and verify

Election Commission of India (ECI)

Election Commission of India is a permanent Constitutional Body. The Election Commission was established in accordance with the Constitution on 25th January 1950.

The Constitution of India has vested in the Election Commission of India the superintendence, direction and control of the entire process for conduct of elections to Parliament and Legislature of every State and to the offices of President and Vice-President of India.

Voter Education

Voters’ Participation in the democratic and electoral processes is integral to the successful running of any democracy and the very basis of wholesome democratic elections. Recognizing this, Election Commission of India, in 2009, formally adopted Voter Education and Electoral participation as an integral part of its election management.

Who can become a voter?

(a) Every Citizen who is 18 years old on the qualifying date (1st January of the concerned year, unless disqualified is eligible to be enrolled)

(b) Enrollment only at ordinary place of residence.

(c) Your Enrollment only at one place.

(d) Overseas Indian deemed to be ordinarily resident at address given in passport.

(e) Service Voters deemed to be ordinarily resident at their home address.

How to confirm voter registration

You can confirm if you are on the electoral roles and seek details on your registration status by logging into the Election Commission’s website ( You will need to provide your reference ID for the same.

Similarly, the EC website also allows you to make a deletion or objection in the electoral roll, correction of an entry in the electoral roll and transposition within Assembly.

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