There are several ways to cut a mango. For the best results, watch the video to learn how to properly cut a mang

On first glance, a mango seems like it would be pretty simple to cut, but cutting mango can often leave you with a big, juicy mess.

There is also a big pit in the middle of the mango that is difficult to cut around.

The mango has a flat-ish oblong pit in the center of it. Your objective is to cut along the sides of the pit, separating the flesh from the pit.

Holding the mango with one hand, stand it on its end, stem side down. Standing up the mango up like this you should be able to imagine the alignment of the flat, oval pit inside of it.

With a sharp knife in your other hand, cut from the top of the mango, down one side of the pit.

Then repeat with the other side. You should end up with three pieces: two halves, and a middle section that includes the pit.

Using a sharp knife, run the blade against the inside of the peel to cut off each piece of scored mango. Do this either over a cutting board or bowl.

Eat the mango as is, use it in a fruit salad, or spoon it on top . Or turn the mango into mango lassis, a fruity version of a mint lassi.

Just whirl chopped mango in a blender with yogurt and a bit of lime juice. Add ice for a slushy effect.

You can also use your diced mango in a mango passionfruit tartn,mango cake or cream.

But this fruit is not only for sweet dishes and desserts; mango can add delicious flavor and wonderful texture to savory pecipes, particularly those with Thai origin.

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