India has been a home to the information and technology sector. Due to it there have been many stories about people rising from rags to riches in a very short period of time. The cheap data rates and advanced cell phones have led to people spending increasing amount of time on the internet. Content writing has emerged as a driving force in it

This article deals with Content writing and more specifically Technical content writing. The content available is mainly bifurcated as Marketing and Technical Content. Marketing content is what is used to advertise a product and explain its aesthetic values where as Technical content explains the working of the product. Technical content is like a manual or a guide explaining how the particular product works and how to handle it.

Technical content is classified as:-

  1. Guiding manuals
  2. Conventional content writing
  3. Catalogs
  4. End-user documentation
  5. Medical and Engineering studies
  6. etc


B2B Content writing that is Business to Business content writing is one of the most basic and important type. It is different from the conventional content writing as it deals its exchange(of info. and Thproducts) between Businesses rather than a business and consumers. A common example is a business that provides raw materials as selling product for another business to feed on.


There are certain things that a writer must take in account while writing Technical content

1) The reason why people turn to blogs for technical advice is the content present in the guides is hard to decipher and understand so the writer just should not copy it but make it easier to read

2)Technical writer must always know his audience and know what it expects from the article

3)The blog should be formal but not too long to read

Technical content must always be classified

The above mentioned is something that a writer must basically know, knowing more is never a harm but the basics must always be clear.

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