Make In India Gujarat benefits trad war

Make In India Gujarat benefits

Surat beats China, Miss World and Miss Teen America will assume the crown made in Surat; Gujarat benefits from US-China trade war

This is the crown of the Miss World America pageant.

Stap to Stap information

1. For 25 days 10 employees worked 8-8 hours a day

2. Crown worth 650 carats of diamonds, 500 grams of silver and 150 pieces of emerald

3. For 25 days, 10 employees of the company worked hard for 8-8 hours a day to make this crown worth crores from 650 carat diamonds,

4. 500 grams of silver and 150 pieces of emerald.

ચાંદીમાં તૈયાર થયેલા તાજને અપ્રુવ મળ્યા બાદ ગોલ્ડમાં તૈયાર કરવામાં આવશે.

The crown made in silver will be made in gold after getting approval.

ક્રાઉનની ચમક લાંબો સમય રહે એ માટે રેર ઓફ ધ રેર જ્વેલરી પર થતું ધાગા પોલિશિંગ પણ કરવામાં આવ્યું છે.

Got a job impressed by 7 Pendants of Wonders

Gaurang Ramani, a young entrepreneur, says how Surat got the job of making the crown,

I am in charge of the company’s R&D department.
 Our company made a heavy pendant of 7 Wonders of Diamond-Gold,

which I showed to the person who made the crown during one of our visits at Beverly Hills.

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Make In India Gujarat benefits It is a matter of pride for us as Surati. Its value is in the millions.

The Miss World America crown was exported a month ago, while the Miss Teen

America crown was recently sent for approval on

a silver base for various approvals, including its size,

which will be made on a gold base after approval.

After making a model of wax based on it, The whole crown has been made on it with silver.

The diamond and emerald settings are then done, 
finally polished.

It took 25 days and a team of 10 employees to build this crown.

Thread polishing has also been done on Rare of the Rare Jewelry to make the crown shine longer.

Read In Gujarati..

Similar to Miss World America,

The crown for Miss Teen America to be held there has also been prepared by this company from Surat,

Which has been exported during the current week. Both of these crowns are worth millions.