TIPS FOR CHOOSING A MESOTHELIOMA LAW,Learn if the attorney will handle the case personally, or has the ability to turn it over to someone else who may be in a better position to handle your case based upon the facts. Some firms are very large, so the resources are there to prosecute your claims to the fullest. Be certain that they assigning cases to smaller teams of attorneys and staff or you may not get the personal service that you thought you would be receiving.


This smaller team approach provides the personal touch of the small firm and the powerful resources of a large firm. If the case needs to be filed in a state where your attorney does not practice, it may be in your best interest to be with a larger firm so they can hand over the reins to someone in the firm, or associated with the firm, who is licensed to practice there.

How payment is handled may be another crucial element which should be discussed before you agree to hire an attorney for your mesothelioma lawsuit. As in other personal injury cases, the attorney may agree to take your case on a contingency basis, which simply means that they only get paid on the contingency that they recovery money on your behalf. The attorney’s fees, in this case, are a percentage of the recovery – typically about 40 percent – whether the case goes to trial or is settled out-of-court. Nevertheless, the financial arrangement may be discussed before entering into an agreement.

An attorney who is preparing a case may incur many expenses, including but not limited to the costs of travel, research, hiring expert witnesses and acquiring depositions.

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