Use FRESHDESK CUSTOMER SUPPORT SOFTWARE,Let’s say you are an e-commerce site and you sell your products online. Your customers probably reach out to you for help all day with questions about how to use your products, how to get a refund, regarding shipping and other charges, when they can expect their order to get delivered and so on. They may not just email you but also reach out on Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes, they may call you directly or just prefer to chat on your website. 

Rebranding Your Support Portal To Reflect Your Theme

You can customize your portal to reflect your theme and give your users a memorable customer experience with Freshdesk. You can put up your logo and favicon and paint your self service portal in your brand colors. The Sprout and Blossom plans give you basic customization options such as customer portal customization and access to our extensive freshplugs gallery. If you’re on the Garden plan or higher, you can also perform CSS customizations and the Estate plan lets you customize every inch of your support portal.


Fill in your helpdesk phone number under Helpdesk Phone.You can also change the fonts and colors for links, form elements etc by clicking on the Customize portal button. But before you go ahead and play with the colors, make sure that you save all the changes you already made in this page.

After the color & font customizations are done, you can preview the customizations and hit Save to see the changes reflected in your portal immediately. If you are not done yet, you can just save your work and continue later. You can always click on reset to go back to the default colors if things become messy.

Find out if your teams’ responses are fast and accurate enough. Learn how good your team is at helping customers with their problems. A good B2B helpdesk software will provide the data you need to improve 

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